Neurodiagnostic Resources

Our mission is to prepare and place our professionals in the best possible scenario to further their careers and provide exemplary services to our hiring partners. We achieve this mission by providing best-in-class career resources such as:

Who We Place

At Neuro Pathway, we have overseen the placement of over a thousand EEG technicians and technologists across the United States.

Our narrow focus on neurodiagnostic placements gives us unmatched insight into the industry to identify the optimal opportunity for each professional.

Neuro Pathway’s relationships with top healthcare companies allow us to deliver tailored placement solutions for our community professionals.

Career Coaching

Neuro Pathway provides "Career Coaches" to develop an understanding of what is important to you. The goal is to learn what motivates you and where you want to go with your career. Our coaches will leverage industry experience and knowledge to help learn about your aspirations before we advise you how to proceed with any specific job. We don’t think of placement as a one-time thing, we consider your long-term career and help you advance through each step.

Here is how the Neuro Pathway process works:

  1. Team up with a Neuro Coach – All of our coaches are experienced career professionals who will work with you to help navigate the hiring process.
  2. Tailor your search - Our process is custom tailored for each professional. We will analyze your unique profile and suggest a list of potential employment suggestions.
  3. Preparation for your interview – Before you meet any future employers, we will provide the appropriate resources to ensure you are prepared for the interview process.

The Neuro Pathway process is designed to help professionals achieve their career goals through coaching, resources, advancement, and community. No matter where you want to go in the neurodiagnostic community, we can help get you there.

Start Your Neuro Pathway

Career Advancement

Neuro Pathway will take you where you want to go. When you join the Neuro Pathway community, you join a support network to help ensure your success. Our community-based approach will provide you with industry resources and updates so you can be the best version of your professional self.

We offer our Professionals the following career advancement opportunities:

  1. Job Placement
  2. Educational Reimbursement
  3. Free Educational Industry resources
  4. Employment monetary incentive and referral program

Our career advancement opportunities will ensure each professional puts their best foot forward, confident that they are on a path to success.

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