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What is Neuro Pathway?

Neuro Pathway specializes in matching Neurodiagnostic Professionals with hospitals and private organizations that need full and part-time staff. We are dedicated to the career advancement and placement of all professionals in the neurodiagnostic community.

Our unique approach includes providing Career Coaches to help Professionals navigate and advance their careers. Through our platform, we offer resources, incentives, education, and access to employment opportunities.

Career Advancement

We provide you with resources, advice, and education to help you advance through the neurodiagnostic community.

Continued Education

Our platform hosts a wealth of free educational resources as the informational hub for the Neurodiagnostic community. We also provide educational reimbursement to help you advance your neurodiagnostic career.

Community & Incentives

Joining our community will connect you with peers from around the country! Being part of our community can also qualify you to participate in our employee incentive and referral programs.

How It Works

We are here to help you better understand your career goals and help you reach them!

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Your Hiring Partner

The shortage of qualified Neurodiagnostic Technologists in today's market is an ongoing concern in the healthcare community.

We help ensure healthcare organizations remain adequately staffed through our extensive network of Neurodiagnostic Professionals.

Our unique approach to guiding and elevating our professional's careers attracts and empowers aspiring healthcare professionals.

By focusing specifically on the placement and advancement of the neurodiagnostic community, we are acutely positioned to deliver our clients with better talent faster.

Resources for Professionals

At Neuro Pathway, we enrich Neurodiagnostic Professionals with essential resources like comprehensive CEUs, targeted job preparation tools, and engaging EEG Fun Fact Fridays. Our deep-dive informational sessions further enhance knowledge and career development in the neurodiagnostic field.

What Our Clients Say

"Neuro Pathway assisted in getting me a job. Then they encouraged me to get registered. I passed my exam and Neuro Pathway paid for it all! I am getting paid much more and love my new role."

Jamie C.

"I was able to better understand which pathway to take to get registered. Neuro Pathway helped me tremendously!"

Adrian P. | EEG Tech

"Working with my Career Coach was very fun. I really enjoyed the entire process. Within three weeks, I was able to get a new job!"

Allison R.